Tuesday, September 09, 2008

gah! i thought we got rid of him

santorum chastises feminists for not embracing palin

um, someone get the memo to rick that feminists aren't republicans. feminists generally are pro-contraceptives, pro-choice, equal pay for equal work, family leave time- you know general acknowledgment that women are equal to men because we all belong to the human species. far as i can tell, mooselini doesn't believe any of that and the only thing she shares in common with the feminists- is a vagina. move on ricky... no one missed you.


Alex said...

And here we have uncovered the implied assumption, now made explicit, underlying McCain’s choice of Palin: Palin is a woman and therefore, regardless of policy and ideology, women ought to vote for her. This assumption has some validity, proven to an extent, albeit in a racial context, during the Obama campaign; however, generally speaking, and as a matter of logic, it’s erroneous and patronizing.

Brother Tim said...

'Mooselini' Bwahahahahahahaha

Betmo, you outdid yourself with that one. I like it better than my, 'Arctic Queen of Venality'; and it's easier to type!

I'm stealin' it.

Lord, Forgive me.

John Good said...

Judging by her chin alone, Palin MUST be the love child of Jay Leno and Frankenberry. . .;)

betmo said...

brother tim- it's only fitting since i snagged it from tengrain ;) we both should be forgiven :)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"feminists generally are pro-contraceptives, pro-choice, equal pay for equal work,"
I thought that's what Feminazi's were!