Thursday, August 28, 2008

wow. just wow.

this is probably as good a description of upstate new york as i have read. it is an absolutely beautiful place- naturally speaking- but as for humans- not so much. the small cities and towns that used to look like mayberry in the 1930' through the 1960's- well, let's just say that nothing was really built here since. no, that's not true- the strip malls and mcmansions on the hills were constructed- but mostly it looks old and tired. like folks gave up. i think that there was a saying a long time ago- 'rode hard and put away wet' well, that describes upstate new york.

you know- the place where hillary clinton allegedly lives? the place she conveniently conducted a listening tour of in 2000 and hasn't been back to since because she gets her love from the clintonistas.

new york is a beautiful state but it is no different than any other state these days. everywhere you look- the orgy is coming to an end. we didn't prioritize the important stuff- infrastructure and investing in our communities in meaningful ways- instead focusing on hedonistic, consumeristic pleasures. we were on a binge- and now, we are crashing down from our high and realizing that we have to get back into reality. cold turkey.

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thepoetryman said...

"the orgy is coming to an end."

Not only is the emperor naked, we're bare assed right along with him and our everything we have is slumped across the ugly landscape of our making!