Friday, August 29, 2008

holy crap in a bucket!

more pics here

at least we don't hold our speeches in 'the nutter center'


thepoetryman said...

The nutter center! Ha!

What a grand moment in our history! It's about damned time, too!

Dizzy Dezzi said...

I turned on the convention and saw that crowd and couldn't help myself but to start clapping my ass off. I thought that would maybe be a section or two that was hollow. That place was PACKED.

Then I got to thinking, it will be interesting to see full up the Republicans get their Prez acceptance night...

Adding insult to this particular injury is the fact that they may have to postpone/reschedule their convention, which means that folks who might have taken the time off of work to attend, may not be able to show up to fill the cheap seats.

You know the Rethuglicans are running scared after seeing last nights crowd, though.

betmo said...

well, i read that they had to bus people to mccain's vp announcement because they couldn't give away free tickets :) 12,000 people. he had to downsize his fundraisers too because of low turnout. my guess- they will bus people in from surrounding states to fill up the seats come the time of their convention. seems quite a few rethugs are opting out of going. schwartzie is still on the fence :)

Beth said...

That was certainly something to see and behold and it was thrilling to hear someone FINALLY take on the repulicans forcefully. Was a wonderful speech, wonderul moment in history and I was happy to watch it. I wept. I wept earlier in the week watching the voting on the floor of the convention to give him the official nomination. I called my daughter to make sure she was watching this historic moment and burst in to tears. Not sure why exactly. Perhaps because 'for the first time in my adult life i was proud of my country!' :)