Monday, August 04, 2008

we all need to step up

if there is one thing i agree with madam clinton on, it's that we need villages to raise children. for some reason unknown to me, america has dropped the ball on raising healthy children. when i see mothers taking their barely toddlers into claire's to get their ears pierced while the poor little kid screams because it hurts; or i see loved ones struggle in unhappy marriages that damage their young ones; or i see parents let their toddlers roll around on the floor across the room in a crowded major airport- i wonder- why did this happen? when did this happen?

shark fu's latest post is a lament to a young man whose life ended way too soon over something trivial- but it's also a lament for the young person who ended his life. it seems so common sense to me- but why aren't we more involved as communities? why aren't we willing to put ourselves out there to help the young people work through their (rightful) anger? it isn't just about 'the ghetto kids'- those kids take the blame for many things- it's about all of our young people. i have a friend who just visited with her kids. she raised them as her own when her sister took off and left 3 daughters 5 and under. her middle daughter is 18 years old and college bound despite her traumatic early years- her boyfriend is only slightly older and also comes from a troubled background- he's currently in the navy guarding guantanamo bay from the terrists. oh wait...

the only way we can even begin to clean up the mess that this planet is in- is to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. seriously.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

You're talking about an issue that starts and stops with Parents. Since, at very best, only one parent seems to give a fuck (OR even be present in the kids life forever), there's not much we can do. We are not our brothers baby sitters. The parents have let this come to pass, and only the parents can ever stop it.

Villages that do so much good, are filled with parents.

betmo said...

i completely agree. many of the people i talk about are friends and family members who apparently have no idea how to raise children. children need nurturing and love- no doubt- but they also need guidance and structure- they need to be taught how to interact within a society appropriately and what behaviour fits which situation. i would be angry and violent too if i got out into the world and i had nothing but fear to guide me with no coping skills.

given the world situation right now- i would be damned pissed.