Wednesday, August 06, 2008


please don't forget to check out the peace tree and poets for peace- i haven't felt particularly peaceful but i do try to post there. folks lament the fact that not many folks are around the internet these days, but the news is so consistently depressing and bad- well, i don't like reading it either. i am going to make a sincere effort to continue to bring up issues i feel are important that folks know about- but i am also going to try and be the change i seek. it doesn't matter much that we are heading into this train wreck with our eyes wide open- we all know what it is that is happening now and that most likely, things are going to end badly.

however, we only have one life to live- and how we choose to live it is up to us. i need to face this with inner peace and inner strength and that is the journey my life is taking right now. i harbor no illusions that this is going to be easy. i feel waves of sadness wash over me on a daily basis because i think about all of the lives lost and opportunities wasted- but if i dwell, i am useless. it is hard for me to interconnect with my fellow human beings because i find most of them to be selfish and petty and mean- whether intentional or not. but it is something i must strive for because like it or not- the entire planet is interconnected. we are all on the same rock and we are all going down together. we can do this with strength of character intact- or we can face the unknown as blubbering fools. it's up to us.

the world is going to go on spinning on it's axis long after human beings are gone- our lives here are but a blip on the radar of history anyway- i intend to live the best life i can live under any circumstances- and i hope that you will join me. let's keep each other informed but let's keep each other lifted as well. i say we take the rest of the summer and intersperse some hopeful posts amidst the despair.

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an average patriot said...

You just relax and keep up the good work! You know how I feel and the future will not be what we thought pre Bush but we will get through this one way or the other.