Wednesday, August 06, 2008

citizen soldiers

the neocons don't know what to do with americans these days. there are fewer and fewer people who actually believe anything coming out of washington these days- with good reason. this administration has used propaganda and untruths and made them in to art forms via a bought and paid for press. they have used staged photo ops, forged documents, secrecy, bullying and blackmail for their coup d'etat- and they have been successful for the most part.

but there is one thing that they forgot- not all of us are morons. there are some of us who seek the truth and remember history. there are some of us who actually believe in the tenets of the constitution and the freedoms that they have afforded millions. there are some of us who are not simple enough to believe news taken at face value. and we are a thorn in their sides. we, who utilize technology and reach out to other countries and other peoples and share the ideas and truths that this country was founded on- we are viewed with suspicion and fear. we are most assuredly on a list of theirs somewhere but we will continue to do the right thing- simply because it's the right thing to do.

people like robert rouse- left of centrist- scare the bejesus out of them. thank you robert :)

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Robert Rouse said...

Bet, I attempted to comment last night, but blogger wouldn't allow it.

I do what I can, but all of our voices are important. Every blogger out there who is attempting to spread the truth is a citizen soldier. It's what we do because we can. It's what you do because you can. However, I digress. Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it.