Friday, July 25, 2008

nation of lemmings indeed

reason number 5,980 why the rest of the world is dissing us

"No. Buying a Prius is not taking action. Neither is upgrading the insulation on your house or buying carbon offsets when you fly. We need, as a nation, to commit to seriously ending our addiction to fossil fuels, to rapacious development and the concomitant destruction of forests and wetlands. We need to end our nation’s imperialist policies and to instead devote the trillion dollars a year spent on war to saving the planet from ourselves.

A good start would be seeing that people “get it.” That would mean communities starting to organize around improving mass transit, arranging for carpooling, and demanding climate-saving action from our political leaders.

I’m not optimistic."

we are spoiled and selfish- i can't speak to other countries or other cultures because- i live here.

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David G said...

Your words ring true, Betmo! Shame so few people in your country want to understand them.

Keep up the fight for what is right.