Friday, July 25, 2008

i wonder

if there isn't a grain of truth to comments such as these:

"It looks like we're being accused in a fun, smiley way of brainwashing our troops overseas who have no choice and aren't given the clicker," Brian Kilmeade added sarcastically (of fox news, fox and friends)

anyone know if the troops actually have a choice in what's played? limbaugh seems to dominate the radio- or so he says.


Beth said...

Ed Schultz is on Armed Forces Radio Network but had to fight to get it - before the voices were all conservative.

an average patriot said...

That was smart of Obama's crew not to invite Fox. They ate way too biased and childishly so like Bush and McDink. I can't stand Brian either. I posted Congress secret meeting today on Declaring Martial Law is things get worse. That was in March they are and will get much worse. Be prepared is all I can keep saying.
Anyway my son in combat in Iraq heres the truth from me every day but he is still a lifer and a mindless Bush fan. My son flying is back from Iraq but is in Australia or new Zealand or something right now. He is a lifer to and agrees with everything I say but can't talk about Politics until he is home. My youngest turning 20 and preparing to go in the combat engineers just doesn't think at all. Oh well!