Tuesday, July 01, 2008

i sunburned my knee

yep. i have returned and i must say- i hate flying and i hate florida. but hey, we will save all that for tomorrow- and just say... i am back ;) it is very good to be home. for those loyal readers- thanks for keeping up with me- i hope to be back in somewhat of a groove soon. did i mention that i also hate summer?


The Future Was Yesterday said...

"i sunburned my knee"
Try putting sunscreen on BOTH knees next time, dumb ass!:)

"i hate flying and i hate florida. i also hate summer."
If you ain't smart enough to cover both knees girl, winter ain't gonna be no fuckin' picnic for you either!

Welcome home!:) It looks like every thing's changed, but actually, only the mascara has...(:

Spadoman said...

Welcome home Batmo. Which knee?

Georg said...

Hey Betmo, dear Summer hater,

You should have worn woolen stocking over there in steamy Florida.

Now I think it is your duty to explain what kind of grudge you bear against Summer and why you dislike Fla.

Interesting blogging ahead.


betmo said...

well, for your information, i did not sunscreen either knee. :) the sun came out for about 10 minutes and in that length of time- i got a bit red. i have 2 shades- translucent white, and burnt red. i will do a post on the trip- but i need my morning cuppa. i cross my legs when i sit (while i still can, i am pretty chunky :) and so burnt my left knee ;)