Wednesday, June 25, 2008

huh- no blogger outages today

that's weird. i was kind of getting used to them. it is really quiet around the blogosphere- i guess everyone is on summer break :) i am leaving tomorrow and will return next tuesday from a business trip with hubby to florida. and yes, it is business sponsored ;) every year his place of employ sends the yahoos that earn their way to an all expenses paid 3 day extravaganza to say thanks for making us money. usually it's florida- but next year it'll be puerto rico- so i may enjoy myself. i ain't never been. so, i won't be back online until probably wednesday because coming home from florida is always an adventure with the philthadelphia airport. i hate them and i hate us air- and i have to fly using both. sigh. generally they cancel every flight back to binghamton. last time a group of us rented a car and drove the 3 hours back. and then two days later, they just dropped my suitcase off by cab and left it on the front porch. just left it. good thing i was home- because they didn't tell me it was coming. sigh.

on a happier (or at least cuter note), i have a family of bunnies that live in my yard. i have a tree wind break and they apparently, live there. they come out to feed on the clover in my yard. i say it's cute now, but i haven't planted anything that they like better yet ;) it should be interesting when i do. viva la bunnies ;)


Ms. Sarah said...

I have a single bunny in my backyard. There were rabbits last year. Must be its baby!

thepoetryman said...

Have a wonderful time in Florida and please take it easy on the bunnies. :>)

The Future Was Yesterday said...

A deer was eating the tops off my wife's plants she had sitting on the patio, this morning. That caused a bit of consternation at home central!:) Type our addy into Google Earth, and you'll see we sit smack in the middle of a huge woods.

Re the bunnies and growing stuff. Two foot high chicken wire will do the trick, but make sure it goes all the way to the ground at every spot. The little buggers will crawl under a space you'd swear a worm can't get thru.:)

Spadoman said...

Hi Batmo

Pagan Sphinx said...

Hi, Bet
I hope you have fun in Florida. Those hubby business trips can be nice little perks. By the time you read this, it'll be over.

We have squirrels. Grey ones, that eat a lot of bird seed but what can we do? And now, the momma red squirrel that's been eating at the feeder too has spawned a couple of babies who chatter up a storm and fight each other for food. It's interesting to watch and weird to see what we think of as cute little animals be so nasty to each other!

Peace to you, my friend

an average patriot said...

Cool on the bunnies! Excellent on the trip to Florida and good luck it is too hot for me there this time of year. Keep us abreast of the Airport situation! My last trip to Florida may have been my last flight because it is all so screwed up today.I told one of my sons I would drive with him and I did enjoy that last year but this year might be a different story. You have fun and we'll see you on your safe return!

Larry said...

Why doesn't my employer do that for me.