Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i am moving towards veganism

cornell touts bovine growth hormone as 'green'

scientific american journal disputes that claim

surprise, surprise monsanto's name comes up.


proudprogressive said...

sigh...our food, food for fuck sake. They profit off our sicknesses, the corporatists have things so factorized there is no humanity , making carnavores out of vegitarian animals..

This is not walking in harmony -

the earth our mother, turtle island WILL shake us OFF sooner rather then later i do believe.

If only we can live to see the day , when the corporations MUST be accountable, when profit is not placed above morality and humanity. They as entities are NOT individuals and the investors - well shit anyone with a 401K then becomes complicit..its a vicious cycle of canabalism..and we are soaking in it !

Beam me up Scotty ~

betmo said...

i doubt any of us will ever have the satisfaction of seeing any of these 'people' be held accountable. it is true that we are all complicit as part of 'the matrix' being interwoven in the web of corporatism, etc. there's a way to detach- but trust me when i say- the red pill isn't what it's cracked up to be.