Tuesday, July 22, 2008


anyone who is a reader since the beginning of this blog knows how i feel about the dick- i mean dick cheney. hatred is probably a soft word. if there is evil, he is it embodied. yes, not in line with the buddhist tenets. i doubt i am going to work through this one. anyhoo- a couple of years ago i worked with quite a few other folks to get the mutha impeached and we came close. yep. people in congress actually whispered it and it made the rounds that it might be easier and better to go after cheney. well, that died out. and if you take the time to watch the cbc's documentary- along with pbs 'the dark side'- you will see why.

h/t to dan'l for the video. he streamed it himself and everything. i bow to superior technology knowledge :)

however, i am going to link directly to the video- something about servers and whatnot... under biographies- it's obviously dick cheney.

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