Tuesday, July 22, 2008

from my email

"Dear MoveOn member,

Thank you for supporting Al Gore's call to produce 100% of our electricity from cheap, clean renewable energy sources within 10 years. The buzz is building fast, with thousands of people signing on every hour.

Now we have an incredible chance to build on that excitement. This week, the Obama campaign is holding nationwide "Platform Meetings" to seek input from the grassroots on the Democratic Party's issue positions.

If enough of us support Gore's challenge at these events, we can make his plan a part of the Democratic Party's platform—giving it a major boost."

um-- i guess i wonder why it needs such a boost with the obama crowd. gore said he sat down with obama and spoke with him about these challenges. anyone with half of a brain knows it's heading in the right direction- creating new jobs while shoring up our aging and decrepit infrastructure and creating a sustainable energy source while not polluting up the planet. win-win-win. why do we have to sell it so hard to obama? perhaps we should go to the 'platform' meetings and ask that question.


Larry said...

The upper elitists in the Democratic Party are like their counterparts of the neocon genre.

They want the wealth for themselves and the hell with the consequences.

Thus Obama isn't really the head of the party.

an average patriot said...

I wrote about this the other day because between the money and 10 year plans of Al Gore's, T Boone Pickens, and Richard Branson's, we would stand a chance at solving this crisis but sadly is is all up to the Government and you know that means a no go with the current idiot and McGoon. We can only hope we get Obama in!

Mariamariacuchita said...

a good question, indeed. Some charge Obama will be part of the plutocracy, and when was the last time we saw a middle-class individual run for president and being taken seriously? However, Gore has the right of it.

Today, there was an article that sheds hope. Apparently, using lime to deacidify the ocean can give us a some more time to fix the global warming problem.