Friday, June 06, 2008

on the horizon

i doubt very much if clinton would have been as gracious- based on her campaign


dawn said...

I don't know if
I agree with that make no mistake Obama is a politician too. Anyhoo hope the house is coming along. HAve a great weekend!!!!!!!!!

an average patriot said...

I hope Hillary speaks up and reiterates how important it is that there be no write in and no leaving her to vote for McCain who is also wooing her supporters.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

First off, I believe the operative word in this circumstance is "Magnanimous", as in "I didn't even bring my list of perceived racial slights with me this time!". Or did you conveniently forget it WAS Barack The Bullshitter who released the list and introduced Racism into the campaign, NOT Hilary Clinton. She's gone - but the plain black and white evidence of who made this primary a racial issue never will go away, even after it's had three coats of PC paint. It's still there, only one person created that list,, and it was NOT Hilary Clinton. Nobody is willing to look at one single fact without trying to kick it under the bed. This is FACT: Obama released the first racial bomb of the campaign, and was cheered by all Political Correct people.

"i doubt very much if clinton would have been as gracious- based on her campaign"
Wow! She's been demonized nonstop for being tenacious, for sticking to what she wants and believes, for not quitting something she had every right to pursue. Tenacity is now a character defect...(: Let me tell you something right now: When the Right Wing is battering Obama around like a bobble head doll, you're going to wish he had a much shorter racial slights list, and a LOT more of Clinton in him, because Political Correctness, that tool that was so worshiped earlier, will be of no help! Republicans don't worship Political Correctness like some. They feast on it and throw away the bones.

She announced she was bowing out. SHE set up a private meeting with Obama, BEFORE going to the press, BEFORE that photo op party. And still you say you doubt she'd be gracious enough?????

It's over, Betmo! You "won." I guess.

I'll write this entire post off to the mind searing heat and humidity you've been getting up there, plus all the joys [sic] of moving.

It makes me do and say some goofy shit sometimes, too!:)

betmo said...

clinton's campaign did themselves in- it is even self admitted- and damned if i am going to look the link up- i believe i posted in a post below this one. whether or not obama injected racism into the campaign- camp clinton ran it with relish. my beef with clinton runs far deeper than just her campaign- she is my senator- and i expected her to run her campaign cleanly and truthfully. not dodging the issues through innuendo and all of the 'isms' that she did. she didn't have to exaggerate her life experiences. she should have highlighted her life after the white house. and...... she should not have alienated half of the democratic party- which she did do. i stand by my comment that i doubt that she would have been as gracious to the obama supporters. nothing in her campaign said 'we' it all said 'i' and that's precisely why i don't feel she would have tried to unite the party again. especially since she divided it in the first place.

betmo said...

as for tenacity, i was all for her staying until all of the primaries were run. i bitched a blue streak when all of the other folks dropped out in february or before. but she claimed she was going to fight tooth and nail no matter what the count was- to me, that smacked of she would get it at all costs because it was so very important to her- not because it was what the dems wanted.

Sarah said...

Good riddance. But maybe she'll be VP. Then, I'll gladly cast my vote for somebody else.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"she is my senator- and i expected her to run her campaign cleanly and truthfully"
I'm not being snarky or any thing of sort, but "cleanly", "truthfully", "politicians", and "elections." In the same bag? At once? Come Oooooonnnn!!!!

May I have some of what you've been smoking to beat the heat and moving blues?:)

Pagan Sphinx said...

The impression I've been getting from a pretty good variety of news sources is that HRC WAS welcomed graciously by Obama supporters. I don't know what else Clinton supporters want from Obama supporters at this point.

I concede that the sexism and nastiness toward Clinton were undeserved but many of the well-thought out, informed opinions on Clinton's campaign (such as betmo's) are right on the money.

To me, Clinton is NOT the progressive candidate. Obama has a health plan too. I do care about health care. And call me naive but I think Obama has what it takes to craft an equally good plan of his own. He may lack experience but as a young woman I heard say recently "he's an intelligent person, he will learn quickly." One of the simpler but wiser things I've heard in this campaign.