Wednesday, June 04, 2008

far removed

i am going offline tomorrow. i should have my computer up and running again by the middle of next week. my moving folks are coming tuesday but the cable guy is hooking things up at the new place tomorrow- so i will be here in the emptying apartment sans internets. and you know what? i am not sorry. i continue to be amazed and disgusted at the left's capacity to embrace the tactics of the right. i never advocate rolling over and taking crap that other people dish out. if you can't stand the heat, stay the fuck out of the kitchen. bloggers need a thick skin to withstand the sheer volume of ignorance and outright stupidity that's out there. but you don't have to resort to right wing tactics to succeed. to do so is classless, tasteless and just plain lazy.

i have blogged before on how very disillusioned i have been by the left wing being little different from the right wing. well, i think that the neo cons have gotten the last laugh because these days- the democratic party is sharing one brain cell amongst the millions of people who belong. i can't say one single good thing that has come out of this ridiculous sham of a primary. not one. the democratic party is perhaps the lesser of two evils between the two party system- but by how much? dez was right in her speech when she said that we shouldn't strategize and settle for this system. i am changing my party affiliation to nothing or independent depending on what new york lets me do because i can't stand any of the political parties out there. they certainly don't represent me.

this primary has been the nail in the coffin for me because of the bloggers. i expect low blows and dirty tactics from politicians- they are nothing more than corporate toadies with a penchant for power. i expected more from the people who changed the course of the 2006 election cycle. instead, i have been treated to censorship, name calling, smearing, lying, trolling and you name it. any of the right wing tactics we called out in 2006- well, the left wing bloggers rolled them out for this primary. as a whole, i am disgusted and i will not be a part of this anymore. there will be little to no change because you are simply changing the window dressing of the white house. the congress will be the same political hacks that always get elected and the justices remain no matter what. the corporates are simply relabeling everything eco friendly and green in order to continue to trick people into the mindless consuming- and the world is still experiencing ecosystemic collapses at an alarming rate. there has been an increase in greenhouse gases this year alone and we are sniping at each other over whose minister is the worst- or which candidate wears a goddamned lapel pin.

and yet, we, the people,- we, the democratic party,- bought right in. yep. we let clinton and her ilk manipulate us. we let obama and his 'changeineers' woo us with rhetoric. we have ignored the secret prisons and the multistate roundups and the continued erosion of our civil liberties because we bought into the distractions. and we committed the same infractions on our blogs. we discriminated and we censored and we bullied.

and we should be ashamed. deeply ashamed. because we were supposed to be better than this. we are supposed to be the party for the 'little people'- and we are no better than the people who would rule us. and we won't see that. and we should be ashamed of ourselves.


Dusty said...

Brava Chica!

Renegade Eye said...

That's called political growth.

My comrades will work on Cynthia McKenney's campaign. Not that she'll win, or that we agree with Cynthia on everything. It's a tool to meet people, and talk politics.

landsker said...

All the best with the moving.

Sounds like you are are considering a vote of no-confidence in either of the two main parties.
"Lesser of the two evils" is certainly a good description of politics, not just in the US, but almost anywhere!
In Holland, they have over twenty political parties, and as such, really have become "A liberal democracy", with most tolerant laws on abortion, euthanasia, drug use, sex, corporate taxation, property ownership, and so on.
But when the elections come round, there`s no great fuss, everyone can find their own little "party" at which to dance.

Frederick said...

I hope I haven't offended...I just tell it like I see it. To me this primary was off to some good, registering millions of new voters etc, etc, but then those tactics you mention started cropping up. If only someone had realized this primary was over in mid-February.

an average patriot said...

Good Luck with the move enjoy the break if you can.
Politically too much is happening too fast. We can't keep up with the multitudes of important issues. We don't matter and all we can do is continue to ignore all the BS thrown at us while the real issues go unaddressed and try to get the4m heard.

The Future Was Yesterday said...
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Larry said...

Too bad more don't feel this way.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I voluntarily removed a comment I made yesterday on this post. I used Betmo's forum to attack another blogger, which, after consideration, I knew was wrong.

Betmo, I apologize to you.

Coffee Messiah said...

I have been registered as an Independent since I registered to vote in the Nixon/McGovern days.

I knew the future would be bleak, 'cause my roommate voted for nixon. I asked why, and he said because he was going to win.

Nothing has shocked me more, excpet the last 8 yrs.

And I totally agree with what you've said. Ironic isn't it?

Good Luck on the move!

Beth said...

I can say a good thing about has made Obama a stronger, smarter candidate and I think he is not only prepared to deal w/McCain but is chompin at the bit to do so.