Thursday, May 29, 2008

what the right wing wants hushed up

is what we should be shouting from the rooftops as nauseum until november...

scott mcclellan

mccain = bush part 3- voted with bush 100% of the time in 2008

mccain trying to distance from bush in photo ops- private fundraisers

oh- and the lobbyist flap with mccain- and any of the corruption scandals involving bushco and the fact that the right fucked up the economy- highlight the facts- they have nothing positive to run on!!!


an average patriot said...

Whatever McClellan calls it,Dismayed, Disillusioned, disappointed, disgruntled, what the hell is the diff? I just figured like those before and after him he knew he was lying for Bush. We knew! It is a job requirement. If you speak the truth you will be fired and when you are you will be labeled a disgruntled employee and the lying will just continue as it is!
That scum McCain wants to hide the truth from as many as he can while allying himself with Bush behind the scenes and taking all the funds Bush can get him. The more McCain lies and the deeper he gets as he tries to make like he is distancing himself from the chief scum the more like him he gets. President McCain can't happen!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

I don't want to see pres. McCain happen either, but I do think he is smarter than Bush, but that is kind of like saying a D is better than an F. They both stink. One just does not stink as badly.

I knew there would be trouble with McCain when we started cozying up to the rad right, who he used to fight with.

I do think he has more integrity than Bush though. I think he is willing to admit mistakes unlike Bush.

But no no no please no gop pres this time. We need Obama in there.