Friday, May 23, 2008

um lou....

i don't watch pundit shows but perhaps if you and the rest of your right wing ilk jumped on the lefty blogger bandwagon and got an f**kin' clue- you wouldn't have been so embarrassed on national cable television. i think i have written at least 3 or 4 times on the nasco corridor. the first time in 2006- and here's a more recent update- or at the very least learn to use 'the google' lou. lord have mercy- these were the key words i typed in:

'mexico, trucks, border' and lookee what i got

oh- and fyi lou- the new american government and their corporate sponsors are the ones who have a problem with 'illegal immigrants' from central and south america. and fyi lou- it's only because all of the other fear mongering isn't working anymore. if they truly had an issue with immigration, there would be changes in laws. but that wouldn't benefit the corporate sponsors now would it lou? enjoy your weekend.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

The lack of research speaks not only of Dobbs, but our entire Media, of all forms. In Dobbs case, he let somebody say an existing strip of concrete doesn't exist, and get away with it. More and more, the right wing is learning that if they go on those types of shows, and put out a blizzard of bullshit, they can discredit the host, because none of them do any research, counting on the ignorance and or apathy of viewers, to get them by. Democrats will likely learn they could do the same around 3021 at the earliest.

But it doesn't stop with Dobbs. Olbermann, touted as a near God on here, spouts some made up facts as well. Many times I've googled every possible combination of words from him, only to come up empty.

Networks play "shock and awe" every bit as much as The First Asshole, and much better. Everything you see on the tube - Everything!
from baseball games to tits hanging out at Super bowls, has one purpose, and one purpose only: SELL THINGS!

Events that happen in the world are just convienent tools to assist in that endeavor.

Sarah said...

Television is one long advertisement. I don't even watch the new episodes of my favorite shows anymore, because 1/2 of the time is commercials only. It drives me nuts. Thank goodness for DVDs and TiVo.

Oh, and watching hockey games on Versus and NBC? Don't get me started. They can't even show a replay without a corporate sponsor behind it!