Friday, May 18, 2007

coming to a town near you!

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ahh the NASCO highway. just when you may have forgotten about it amidst the heat of battle over illiegal immigration and homeland security- we have news that this project is not only moving forward- but none other than rudy giuliani is behind getting it done! america's 9/11 hero mayor is pushing through negotiations for the corridor via his law firm. not sure what that is- conflict of interest- or maybe not. just a wee bit interesting- but considering the stench coming out of the white house these days- i guess it could be worse. hopefully, he is soundly defeated in 2008.


dawn said...

very interesting but I need you to explain this one to me

DivaJood said...

Entering California, via Arizona, there are check-points - ostensibly for fresh fruits & vegetables being brought in illegally, but I think it's more for trying to find illegal aliens.

There's one on the 5 Freeway heading north out of San Diego toward Los Angeles as well. We KNOW that's to trap illegal aliens.

But really, I didn't know that Martians or Venusians could drive.

dawn said...

Thanks Diva, Didn't know about this, if thats the reason then I know it came from the bush administration. Thats Betmo for providing this info. Have a greatweekend

Thorne said...

Ooohhhh...I can sbell id frob here. (Sorry boud da clodsbin)