Thursday, May 08, 2008

this isn't reality- it's actuality

i don't watch tru tv (formerly known as court tv) much anymore because it is full of cop shows. not the law and order or csi variety- no the reality shows. unfortunately, what i have found is the shows are too real for me. i don't care to see suspects get the snot beaten out of them, maced, or tazed when they aren't even resisting. most folks have more sense than that. i just thought you should know and be prepared that this is more the norm these days than exception:

h/t to pam's house blend- philly police 15 on 3 beat down


an average patriot said...

I was watching that on the news. You might be able to excuse that if it was once and their were mitigating circumstances but this kind of stuff seems to be the norm now.
I saw on the news one that the cop turned off the camera and when he turned it back on the girl was somehow totaled. This Brown Shirt crap is really too much!

Anonymous said...

I'll not defend this one. Frustration in the current situation within the city are no excuse. Every man and woman who takes the oath, and pins on the badge knows the risk.

Time for Philly to send their officers through a "Combat High" training program.

Brother Tim said...

....and that's the stuff the editors leave in. Think what must lay on the cutting-room floor.