Friday, May 09, 2008

i have said this many times

but i will reiterate my point- i never, in my lifetime up to now, ever thought i would see my democratic republic turn into a police state. can i go to the grocery store? yes. can i still type gleefully away at any hour of the day on my computer? yes. am i monitored at every turn? yep. we are all familiar by now with the cameras and the airport security and the gps in our cell phones. many folks probably know about the impending national id and many might even know that to purchase a home nowadays- you have to give a copy of your driver's license and sign a paper for homeland security. yep. these are the times of imminent domain where the government can seize your property for whatever reason they see fit. these are the times when the police can beat you to a pulp or taze you to death and you and your family have a snowball's chance in hell of doing anything about it.

most folks lament the msm and it's "reporting"- and there are those of us who cling to the helen thomas' and the bill moyers' and the mcclatchey group for all we are worth. i think it is particularly telling that in america we have such a hostile press. hostile to the truth- because in reality- what we have is a state run propaganda machine. tv, especially, has come to be manipulated by politicians of every stripe- since the kennedy/nixon debates showed them how very powerful images are. al gore writes of this too in his book 'the assault on reason' and jon stewart has been skewering the cable pundits especially in the clips on the primary.

nothing is more telling than the fact that a former president has gone to a foreign press to speak out against crimes against humanity perpetrated by none other than america and israel. jimmy carter has spoken to american press- i did read him in the new york times recently- and i don't know if it's unusual to give interviews to the foreign press. i find it interesting though. especially in the light of right wing pundits calling for his passport to be revoked because he--- criticized american and israeli policies and is attempting to broker peace. can you imagine how horrible that is? wanting peace instead of war in the name of america?

never thought i would ever live to see this.


Larry said...

Good post. This is only the beginning of the America called Bush, and the American sheeple have done this to themselves.

DivaJood said...

Tying into your post about Republicans being happier, the real reason they are happier is because they are the ones who are going to own your house eventually.

This "monitoring" of US Citizens is really not new. It's just become more blatant, as we are numbed by "TruTV". There's a theme to your posts this week, an interesting thread that could translate well into a book.

Brother Tim said...

Welcome to the newest fascist state. And this one will make all it's predecessors pale in comparison.