Thursday, May 29, 2008

interesting article

it's a bit long- and a bit sobering- but it is a reality based look at our not-too-distant-future:

"This is a war indeed — it is a war against you, your rights, the US Constitution and what you are going to be allowed (permitted, licensed, taxed, stamped and approved) to do in your life. This is happening now, all over America and more and more ‘crimes’ and offenses are being added to the books for the most ridiculous things to get you arrested, fined, imprisoned and jailed, many which eventually wind up being slave labor. Won’t cut your lawn? Then you can be arrested and imprisoned for ‘offending your neighbors eyes’ or neighborhood ordinance."

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Brother Tim said...

There is no stopping a hurricane once it has formed; the best you can do, is make preparations to survive it.