Sunday, May 18, 2008

i couldn't agree more

"Euphemisms only perpetuate the myth that we're somehow past the ugly, naked truth. And the results from Tuesday's primary - where many poor, uneducated, white folks voted for the millionaire white woman because they saw no viable alternative - prove we are buried deeper in the racist muck than anyone in the media cares - or dares - to admit.

Why has it become taboo to tell it like it is? Who are we afraid of offending? The offensive? I say if someone's that ignorant in the year 2008, she's earned it."

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my buddy dan'l is a staunch un-supporter of political correctness (and yes, i made that word up. it's my blog and i can if i want :) and as i have begun distancing myself from the left wing of the democratic party- and the democratic party itself- i must say- i agree. i understand why it was implemented. people are ignorant. people are lazy. people in this country want to be told what to do. hence- the political correctness stuff. my thought is- just be truthful and sincere. if you say something stupid- you are human- apologize. most folks will take it in stride if they know that you are truly sorry and just being stupid. whether it be a tasteless joke or an offhand remark- 'sweetie'- it can be corrected.

where most folks run into trouble- they don't learn from their mistakes. their "mistakes" are actually ways of life- and unfortunately, tend to be racist, bigoted, homophobic and misogynistic. people are capable of changing but many don't because 1) the don't recognize the need to; 2) they don't want to- it makes them feel powerful to be a jerk and 3) they don't know how. we have become a society that is fearful of offending people like us- but not afraid to offend or belittle people who are not as powerful as we.

my thought is- we need to put it out there. someone has to have the courage to say what needs to be said. if you put it out there, it loses it's power. that is why i am hypercritical of the israeli government. folks for too long have been afraid of being branded 'anti-semitic' if they criticized israel in any way- now, there's j-street and other groups (not because of me but because people are realizing that they can criticize policy without destroying people) i am critical of hillary clinton because her minions have put her on the white women feminist pedestal to the exclusion of others- and she has shamelessly played the race card. being critical of her doesn't mean i am a misogynist- and many people male and female are speaking out against it.

if nothing else- the bushcheneyites have let americans know it is ok to criticize policy and separate the people from it- they tried to use political correctness to avoid all criticism of war by using our troops as a buffer. i am glad that people realized that we could criticize the war and still support the troops- unlike the war supporters who didn't - and still don't support our troops. anyhoo- put it out there- create some controversy. let people know that whatever the issue- it can be aired out and talked about adult to adult. if people can't handle that- then they aren't adults.


DivaJood said...

Political correctness grew out of Feminism, and out of Racism. We could not say "Policeman" or "Congressman" or "Chairman" because it was not politically correct. Then we put the word "Person" at the end of the word - even when we knew the gender. God forbid we offend anyone. OOPS. I should not say God forbid because it might offend an athiest. Yikes. I'm in trouble now. And we have to be really careful about which fairy tales we can read, because it might be racist or scary. And early Sesame Street is far to violent and scary to show kids now. And oh, my god, let's throw down boilermakers to show how working class we really are. And let's spin language any way but truthfully. Gotta be careful.


Naj said...

I agree!

But I don't think one needs to call a spade a shovel!

Sarah said...

It was clearly obvious to me why Clinton won West Virginia. I've got a photo on my blog with a Clinton supporting holding up a sign, "Vote Hillary Clinton, Not Barack Hussein Obama."

an average patriot said...

I won't distance myself from the Democratic Party because it is the best thing we have that gas a chance of getting in control and hopefully doing the right thing for the average American. I do not believe in Political correctness either only doing the right thing whether it is in my favor or not and it has never been.
I believe Obama has what it takes to go against the grain and do the right thing. We are in this position because to many people are lazy and thought they could trust Politicians to do the right thing for them. We know what that's worth!

The Future Was Yesterday said...

""Euphemisms only perpetuate the myth that we're somehow past the ugly, naked truth."
"misogynistic." "misogynist." ???:)

"misogyny:" hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women."

For your readers who don't know, I'm not calling you out. That word just happens to makes my false teeth rattle.:) But it's a good place to start, and again, this is not a take off against your use of the word. I'm only funnin' ya about that.:P Divajood, with her usual insight and wisdom, nailed the roots of PCness perfectly. It then spread from those sources to engulf our entire society and vocabulary, as any horrible disease will.

"Euphemisms only perpetuate the myth that we're somehow past the ugly, naked truth."

While that was written with the W. Va. Primary in mind, those words describe perfectly what PCness is now used for. [To] perpetuate the myth that we're somehow past the ugly, naked truth. Misogyny falls squarely into that category, and cross my heart, I'm not dissing you for the use of the word! It can be accurately said that Misogyny is quicker to use, and saves more time, than saying "He hates Women." Our time is so limited that we can't say three words instead of one? I think not. PCness is used to make "the ugly" easier to swallow, and most importantly, make the ugly not seem so ugly!!! "He Hates Women" are some damn powerful, and ugly words. There is no wiggle room. It is known by one and all: He fucking HATES women! Ok, I added an extra adjective there.:) "Hate" is a powerful word, stirs a lot of negative emotions, and is simply a flat ass ugly word! Even it's euphemism, "Republican" is equally as ugly.

PCness is used to sugar coat that "ugly", to sidestep, and to gloss over so we can lie to ourselves and say it's not as bad as it used to be. It's application now includes the outright invention (like we needed more!) of words, to supposedly "solve" problems that are damn ugly and just will NOT go away (Hello Racism!!). PCness has also developed a more sinister side, that being "how we're supposed to talk about "....", and what "..." are never guilty of."

This post should be on billboards across the nation!! It is absolutly another Betmo Classic!

And I'm not Miss Oh what the fuck ever that word is.:) I don't hate [most] Women. In fact, I'm even married to one of the mysterious critters!:) Good job, Betmo. Hell of a job!

Frederick said...

Time will come soon enough when we will have to criticize the Democratic Party as loudly as we have the Republicans these past few years. It's the ebb and tide of power in our country, and it's our duty as citizens. Political correctness be damned.

landsker said...

Late the other evening, after wine was flowing, I heard someone refer to Hilary Clinton as a "power-crazed, ugly, warmongering dyke".
Which of course should have been said as ..
" Politically ambitious, liberal, progressive, open-minded, and a firm supporter of the armed forces."
As for the tag of "Ugly", some things just can`t be avoided....:)

Larry said...

The neophytes would rather judge people by the color of their skin than let people see the color of their own views.

betmo said...

well, i suppose ugly could have been meant to convey she has ugly on the inside due to the ambition and war mongering- but the 'dyke' thing- is inexcusable. i wouldn't have let that one go. i hope that we all will be saying things like 'power crazed, war mongering, ugly fool' about john mccain when the general campaigning starts- because in my mind- clinton and mccain are the same.