Thursday, April 24, 2008

yep- put a fork in me

i have to do some cleaning out of the google reader today. at least until the elections are over because- just as i don't read right wing blogs anymore- i won't be reading clinton support blogs anymore. when i go there to read- i never hear any of the great plans clinton allegedly has for health care and whatever the hell it is that she allegedly stands for. i only ever hear gloating over pundit led obama mis steps. these people are as short sighted as the rethugs- and indeed, refuse to see the sheer volume of rethugs joining ranks to vote for her. i am not talking the folks who genuinely have switched their party loyalty because they aren't happy with our country and planet going down the tubes- many of them are voting obama. i am talking about the deliberate voter fraud being perpetrated and not punished in states around the country. and she never, ever addresses any of that. so- i am taking those blogs out. i just don't care to read them anymore.

we have ecosystems collapsing all over the planet- bees, song birds, entire swaths of ocean- and these asshats who call themselves democrats are fixated on whether obama has a label pin, or can bowl. today's coverage on the hillary blogs? digging at obama for being tired. yep. way to prioritize. of course, clinton can go 30 hours or more with no sleep. she's the fucking energizer bunny for healthcare! yep. so- i am self censoring and i am going out to do yardwork. my garden gets tilled today and i have get things ready.

self sufficiency folks. if it isn't abundantly clear by now- that our way of life is coming to a halt sooner rather than later- and you can't rely on the grocery stores for everything anymore- well, i don't know what to tell ya. other than- you are not invited to dinner.

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Sornie said...

It's sad to say that sometimes the best thing to do is stop being involved. I know where I stand with things election-wise and can see where you are coming from with how mindless the coverage of this overly drawn out election cycle has become. Why do the Dems have to drag each other through the mud while Grandpa McCain sits back and chills for a few more months? It's sad and it says alot about our country. I personally don't care one bit if I'd have a fun time bowling with Obama. He's an honest to God uniter. He's what we need. Now I'm stepping down from my soapbox.