Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the planet is running out of time

jim hansen, director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

"A major fight is brewing – it might be called war. On the one side, we find the short-term financial interests of the fossil-fuel industry. On the other side: young people and other beings who will inherit the planet. The fight seems uneven. The fossil-fuel industry is launching a disinformation campaign, and they have powerful influence in capitals around the world.

Young people seem pretty puny in comparison to industry moguls, and animals don’t talk or vote. The battle may start with local and regional skirmishes, one coal plant at a time. But it could build rapidly – we’re running out of time.

Meanwhile, the moguls’ dirtiest trick is spewing “green” messages to the public – propaganda, intended to leave the impression they’re moving in the right direction. Meanwhile they hire scientific has-beens to dispute evidence and confuse the public.

When will we know that the long-term public interest has overcome the greed? When investors, companies and governments begin to invest en masse in renewable energies, when all aim for zero-carbon emissions."

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Larry said...

As this transpires, America is quickly falling into famine as many major retailers are rationing many food items.