Sunday, April 06, 2008

morning cuppa

i had all but decided to not ever speak of election bullsh**t again- but then i see these headlines:

is hillary clinton dishonest? many americans think so

now, it isn't the embellishments i mind- all politicians and job seekers attempt to put themselves in the best light- heroes if you will- someone who is absolutely necessary and indispensable. what i can't understand is hillary's propensity to out and out lie. she has many accomplishments that don't need embellishments or lies and why she feels she has to overdo- is beyond me.

the other niggling issue for hillary's overall image- is her propensity for cozying up to the right. i mean i guess that's where the money is these days- but be a bit more discreet. seriously. the using of the right wing 'news' outlets is also worrisome. if clinton is this comfortable using these ways of doing things, is she really to be trusted rolling back the abuses to our civil liberties? is she going to end torture and secret prisons? or is she going to focus on issues near and dear to her constituency of middle aged feminists? i am all about domestic programs- but there are more pressing issues right now.

i am not enamored with barack obama- he is about 4th on my list of candidates- and he's the only one left to vote for. and if more snippets come out about him being more to the right than i would like- guess who's withholding her vote?


No said...

I'm all for the interests of middle aged feminists...been ignored for far too long...or's either one or the other..

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Shrillery dishonest? Is the moon round? Do cats have fir? But she's not in a league of her own. There's a PC bandwagon of bullshit in the same boat with her.

Sarah said...

It is so crazy - you can't even criticize Hilary Clinton anymore without getting labeled as a "sexist" by a progressive. There is one particular blog I go to that now is complaining that the media is just so sexist toward Clinton! BOO HOO.

The woman is running for President. What, are we suppose to treat her with kid gloves? ALL of the candidates are getting knocked over something - if they can't handle it, they should have though about that before running for President!