Thursday, April 24, 2008

health care is her deal?

“I think that our current presidential candidates understand that ideally single-payer would be the best, but they don’t have the political will to move that forward. Their job is to feel which way the wind is blowing. Our job is to turn that wind.”

single payer healthcare

"In fact, in a recent debate, when Clinton raised the issue of single-payer, the audience interrupted with applause. She immediately countered, “I know a lot of people favor [it], but for many reasons [it] is difficult to achieve.”

yeah- i know- now i am just being a bitch. but apparently, she has another issue-

hillary's gay problem

"Obama mentions us in his speeches, a lot. And yes, Hillary will say those are just words. But you know, Obama was willing to chastize his own community for their homophobia in a speech given on Martin Luther King's birthday in MLK's own church to thousands of black leaders. Those are words that matter. Here's to hoping that Hillary can find it in herself to utter the word gay (and even lesbian) in a setting that isn't limited to a gay audience."

oh- and she doesn't like china or iran either- but apparently, loooovvves israel.

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DivaJood said...

well, ya don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows, do ya? Has anyone mentioned to Hil that the reason Single Payer Health Coverage is difficult to achieve is because the Insurance Lobby is agin it? Huh? Just asking.