Thursday, March 13, 2008

what is it that i am looking for?

it is a fine question indeed asked by my friend time- he's good like that. :) i really don't know. i am one of those people who is passionate about common sense and fairness and neither are a prerequisite for being a politician. i guess i want the impossible- which is why i get frustrated. in my head- i know that people as a whole- and politicians in particular- act in their own best interests. i know that they won't do what they are allegedly elected to do- carry out the business for the people. i guess i am looking for someone running for office that will do their job in spite of the corporatocracy- and i know it isn't going to happen. why do i get behind causes? i don't know. i guess i am also a sucker for the underdog- and i jump in to fight for them without really knowing which fire i am trying to put out. i believe in standing up for each other and standing together- and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.

i guess i still blog and i still rant here out of a sense of solidarity with other bloggers- as a way to communicate with each other and maybe in the grander scheme of things- make a difference. in the grander scheme of things- there really isn't any reason for me to type on this keyboard- other than a sense of belonging to a community of like minded folks; folks who make me think; folks who are there for support and for sharing. i guess perhaps that's what i am looking for. the rest is just window dressing.


Dave Dubya said...


You and I and millions like us all share the same characteristics that always seem to result in disappointment. First of all, we care. Because we have compassion we sympathize and empathize with fellow humans. When we see others get abused and injured we feel like a part of us is hurt, too.

We sense that all people share much more in common than that which divides us. We feel a greater need to build on those shared commons than to destroy others based on differences.

In a word, we are idealists. It is an innate consequence of idealism to become disappointed at the ugliness of reality. We still want to make it better and we do, even if it is barely noticeable.

We certainly would not be as happy if we were pessimists. They are never disappointed. They are also never happy.

We suffer for our awareness. That’s the choice we’ve made. As socially and politically aware citizens we see what is wrong with our government and the corporatist sociopaths that determine our nation’s path. We also know that ignorance is not bliss.

We take comfort in the certainty of the innate goodness of most people.

The sociopaths capitalize on the ignorance, hate, and greed of the minority of humans in their small fearful worlds.

We can take positive affirmation at focusing on the better side of the human condition. Knowing there are a lot of good people that share our perspective also helps us feel better than those blinded by selfishness and greed could ever imagine.

TomCat said...

That's enough. :-)

Time said...


I am a cynic, especially when it comes to politics, politicians, and the government.

I don't consider myself a pessimist, I am a reformed idealist. The only way I have fun debating the issues, is to not expect to much.

I am a salesman. I have sales resistance for all things in this society that tries to sell us everything from spray on hair to a political messiah.

I engage in a "peace" blog, and before I know it they are comparing Bush to Hitler (ridiculous). Worse is, they are using the same hate tactics as the rethugs.

I vote democratic in 2006, they win the power to do something, then they do nothing.

I back the ideas of "Code Pink" then they embarrass me when they do stupid protests in D.C.

Hillary is an opportunist, for ONLY herself.

Obama sits back and plays the ethical role, while Hillary is bashed for wanting to change the rules and include the votes of Mich. and Fla.

Obama is winning, he doesn't need those votes. If positions were changed, I have no doubt he would be pushing for a re-vote in those states.

Real change comes through the ballot box, but more important, doing more than just voting (as you know I constantly pick on those who don't engage in the system).

Voting is not enough. Ideas take a long time to come to the top (become a priority). A politician has to gather enough followers for their ideas to be seriously considered and embraced.

The public are sheep. They will follow the trends, the fad, what's in, what's out. The Iraq war is a perfect example. I was one of those that was called a traitor in 2002. Now, I guess I'm not only not a traitor, but a member of the majority, go figure!

Truman was the first President to call for National Health. 60 years later it is an accepted idea by the majority of Americans. But don't get excited. There is not a chance in Hell this Congress is going to pass National Health Care. But it will happen someday.

Don't give up writing! Don't give up blogging! Keep pushing your ideas. Don't be fooled by those who claim to share your ideas, but then act in a way that cheapens those ideas.

When debates get rolling on he said, he said, stick with the facts to clear the issue.

Whenever someone is trying to convince you of an idea, position, or acting with them, stop and think about what their motivation is!

How come Al Gore hasn't be speaking out LOUDLY against Bush since 2001? Where was his voice as the leader of the party? He took on a noble cause of Global Warming. Why? Was it because he wants your children to have a better Earth, or was it for the Academy Award, the Nobel Prise, the money, etc., etc....

Is that to cynical to ask?

He spent his whole life in politics, he loses a Presidential race, and disappears. Off to get famous and rich, apparently not interested in fighting where it counts, in government, passing needed laws for the environment.

It is so rare that someone really cares about you over their own goals, that being sales resistant is necessary.

Think how discouraged these Obama followers (genuflect) will be when their messiah starts compromising his stated ideals to get laws passed, and keep the government running.

I've been long winded here, but I don't want you to give up! When a real thing comes by, you'll know it. Be curious enough to ask questions. Be cynical enough to question.

By the way: If Obama's name is on my ballot, I will vote for him, knowing I haven't been told the whole story by him. That's a leap of faith. I'll bet many who voted for Bush, wish they never did. Will I wish I never voted for Obama, we'll see.

betmo said...

most days i waffle between not giving a shit about humanity- to wanting to save it. i question myself about staying a part of the system or going off the grid. that's why i post so wildly and the sheer amount of crap flowing through the media at any given time makes me crazy. sometimes it's good to get a swift kick to refocus on what it is you are trying to do and why you are doing it. for that- i am grateful. :)

i listen to my blog mates- and bz and ren and time- you all have made cases in the past for foregoing the two parties and making a third. i have gone the 'we have to take this crucial election as is' route- and now, i am thinking that it really doesn't matter anymore. everytime i question why i blog- i see one more thing that gets me going. this week it happens to be so called feminists leading women back to the dark ages through stupidity. i just shake my head and rail. to no avail but it makes me feel better.

so- no- i have no idea still what it is that i am seeking- other than my way of life back perhaps. but i know on my journey- i have many folks who will help me continue to question and continue to write- and we will be here together- unless we all end up bunk mates in the cia hilton somewhere ;)

Dave Dubya said...


I’m happy to see you have no shortage of coaches in existential politics. Time makes several excellent points and suggestions. A healthy sense of cynicism is a good thing for an idealist to bring balance to his views. It’s probably much more difficult for a cynic to have a healthy sense of idealism.

I wouldn’t be quite as harsh on Al Gore. If money was the primary motive for his post political career he would certainly have made more as a corporate lobbyist. I believe he genuinely cares about the Earth and its inhabitants’ well-being. He also wrote a book called “Assault on Reason” where he did make his case about the condition of American politics and media. I think Gore was acting on the premise of first raising the public's consciousness of issues in order to stimulate political engagement. I don’t see any active politician who has come close to his efforts.

I also don’t think comparing Bush to Hitler is as hateful as what regularly comes from the Right. O’Reilly compares the Huffington Post to Hitler. How many countries did Arianna invade illegally?

Undemocratic seizure of power followed by aggressive militarism for political gain does invite some questioning along those lines. Our nation is on the path to fascism.

Remember this quote that sounds remarkably like our Decider?

"The National Government will regard it as its first and foremost duty to revive in the nation the spirit of unity and cooperation. It will preserve and defend those basic principles on which our nation has been built. It regards Christianity as the foundation of our national morality, and the family as the basis of national life." - Adolph Hitler "My New World Order," Proclamation to the German Nation, Berlin, February 1, 1933

We are all subjected to the illegal warrantless surveillance by the Bush Administrations. We are all losing our freedoms incrementally. Hitler did just that to Germany.

But I would leave the ultimate authority for such comparisons to Hitler with the victims of Bush’s wars.

Would the family of an innocent taxi driver who was seized and tortured to death by US military and civilian authorities have the credentials to make the comparison? Dilawar was one tragic victim among untold numbers of our cruel and fascistic system of lawless detention and torture.

He is a subject of the academy award winning documentary, "Taxi To the Dark Side".

What about the hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis? Aren’t they just as dead as those killed by Hitler? And what do their families think? Most say that life was better under Saddam. Can they compare Bush to Saddam? Yet Bush compared Saddam to Hitler. What comes around goes around.

I agree with Time’s caution about overzealous enthusiasm in supporting politicians and causes. It’s a jungle out there.

Time said...


We NEED voices like yours!

Here's my shot at "getting you going." (especially if your on a feminist kick this week)

Go to:

Read Dennis Prager's column this week on why women are depressed.

He states that women are more depressed than men (probably true) and the reason for their depression is the feminist movement of the 60's. He states that taking women from their nature (barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen, etc., etc) is causing this generation of women great depression.I'd like to hear your take on that.


I don't know Gore's heart, so I can't say for sure, but it seems a good question. I was disappointed that he has been so quiet during Bush's Presidency and the hurtful things Bush has done to this country.

I would only say that we should all be glad Bush isn't a Hitler, or we would all be killed. Certainly I would be killed for some of the nasty things I have said about Bush.

It's easy to take an incident, or series of incidents and make them appear to be almost anything you want, that doesn't mean they are.

Bush doesn't have brown shirts in the streets beating people, he hasn't murdered any federal legislator-yet, he hasn't tried to kill off an ethnic group-yet, he isn't going to be able to remain head of State at the point of a gun, he can't stop the Congress from investigating his administration, and on, and on.

Comparing Bush to Hitler gives Bush more credit than he deserves. Hitler knew what he was doing, Bush hasn't got a clue. It gives the neocons the right to say how hateful the left is. I for one don't want to practice "an eye for an eye." I want to clearly show that in opposition to Bush, I won't use the same fear and hate tactics that Bush & company use.

Believe me, I hate what Bush HAS done. He should have been impeached long ago for his crimes, and I said so 5 years ago.

betmo said...

time- i am going to have to bookmark it for a post. tonight is not the night to respond. between this idiot and laura schlessinger and the quiverfull group- my blood pressure may not stand it.

Dave Dubya said...


Thanks for bringing Time to my attention. I appreciate his insight and broad views and will visit his blog.

I offer one last comment on this

I agree Bush is not a Hitler and would certainly not equate the two. (Cheney, however, gives me pause:-) And those who do are reacting with an emotional rather than reasoned position. I’m just saying it’s an understandable reaction.

Merely having something in common with a savage tyrant does not define anybody. Vegetarians will attest to that. Although Bush is a war criminal and a traitor to the Constitution, he is nowhere near the sociopath Hitler was. A Bush Leaguer, so to speak.

We know the real issue is not limited to any one person, no matter how much harm they may have done. What we need to watch closely are the parallels and similarities between Germany and the US as they slide down the slippery slope to fascism.

We can still “rage against the dying of the light”.