Saturday, March 15, 2008

true dat

Either we build real community -- with mass transit and local food -- or we will go down clinging to the wreckage of our privatized society.


Time said...

Even if there is no global warming; the sheer number of people and the pressure on the depletion of our resources, will cause this effect anyways.
Already we have an economic situation, that leaves no alternative, but social solutions. Like health insurance, if individuals cannot afford it, we will pay for it in groups.
This will spread to other services and commodities.
By necessity we will be forced to a socialistic purchasing society, which will lead to a more socialistic government.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Bet on the latter half of that statement.

landsker said...

It`s no bad thing, being able to eat food that grows within walking distance.
Imported fruit and vegetables might initially be cheaper, due to slave wages, but slavery never lasts.
I`d rather have a garden full of my own vegetables, and share/exchange them, than a freezer full of stuff grown thousands of miles away, by folks I never even met.