Saturday, March 15, 2008

sweet jesus in a thong!

this must be my lucky week!! first laura schlessinger, then dennis prager, and now weighing in on how the demise of america is the man's fault--- rabbi shmuley boteach. and no- i am not making it up- that's really his name. and i don't call any of them doctor- i don't feel they deserve that honor.

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The Future Was Yesterday said...

Insanity gets you noticed, especially in the jaded world of cable TV. You have to "out-insane" the next guy to keep your head above water, so to speak.

It doesn't take long for that environment to produce such luminaries as Ann Cuntler, Dr. Laura, Dr. Phil, Limbaugh, et al. The one theme that ties them all together is outrageousness, with no connection to reality.

Although that rabid Rabbi did have an interesting line of bullshit.:)