Saturday, March 29, 2008

this is what your gas money buys

when you gas up that suv- or use anything that uses oil- remember where that money goes.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

The CEO's of oil companies don't exactly live in slums. either.:)

But you're right. Our money built those houses. If we could somehow stop ALL use of oil, the "leftover's" would quickly be snapped up by other emerging countries, namely China.

Brother Tim said...

That is obscene!! I rate that post XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

it is obscene. high energy prices are killing our country and economy. it is making us use less gas, which is good. gas use is down about 2% over last year.

the economy is slowing.

so gas prices were suposed to drop right? well now rich people are pouring money into the futures markets bidding up prices because they want a good investment. and it's not even summer yet so we all know prices are going up even more.

my thoughts on this are not printable dear b.

I am no socialist, but the government should not allow this to happen. I say energy prices should be regulated.

if these bastards (oops) knew they were not going to get big returns, like the tens of billions exxon thugs have been making, they would put there money elsewhere.

it is obscene. high fuel prices, and new competition, but trust me it was mainly high fuel prices just put aloha airlines out of business after 40 some years of flying. 1900 people out of work.

high energy prices are putting companies out of business and breaking up families due to layoffs and forced relocations.

enough is enough. but washington does not care.

thanks for letting me vent, b.

Georg said...

Bonjour Betmo,

It's not only your money that goes there but ours, too.

It should be noted, however, that all those gorgeous items displayed were made by us not them and I never heard anyone complaining about those sales to super rich Orientals.

Last not least, we are not obliged to buy those enormous amounts of crude oil. We could very well run our cars on timber, electricity, hydrogen and do the same for the heating. But we do not and that is not their mistake but ours.