Sunday, March 02, 2008

this is the best i have seen

with the recent fight between the two democratic frontrunners for the lgbt vote- gary at declarations of pride has laid out the best post i have seen on the subject of 'gay marriage.'

"First of all, let us be clear, the idea of romance in marriage is new.

It is quaint.
It's cute.

And it is completely irrelevant to the discussion. This construct is strictly a legal & civil contract with the government as its backer. Laws and the government care little about love, and who loves whom...Again, until recently. Therein lays the need for discussion and revelation. We live in a land drowning in her own Puritan heritage while swimming joyfully in a selective recollection of faith and marriage and a blinding ignorance of the rules of law and what it means to be an American."

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Sarah said...

EXCELLENT post. Spot on. Brilliant.

I was arguing with a person the other day about this topic - he was yelping about how "the gays" are trying to destroy an "institution" that has never changed.

Uh, has he never read a history book? Not very long ago, interracial couples couldn't marry.