Monday, March 31, 2008

strains of lee greenwood play through my mind

let's see- unpopular abroad but going on a whirlwind 'goodbye tour'- to perhaps sing and dance his troubles away? not known for his right and left feet- bushlite has attempted to soft shoe his way into our hearts- like the good natured drunk he tries to be. to no avail. he is getting smacked down left and right. why they let the man out of the white house is absolutely beyond me he is such and embarrassment. poor pickles is back on the botox and anti depressants just to make it to the end of his term. to start off this year with a continuation of last- georgie tried to cut a rug with his new buddies in africa-- after having sung to press and coleagues alike to the tune of a song about a convicted felon on death row. then, while waiting for john 'the forgetter' mccain to show up- he channels his inner 1940's movie star and does a little fred astaire imitation. notice i didn't say gene kelly? his widow tends to be a bit protective (but it did offer one of the best verbal smackdowns i have heard in awhile):

"Surely it must have been a slip for Maureen Dowd to align the artistry of my late husband, Gene Kelly, with the president's clumsy performances. To suggest that ''George Bush has turned into Gene Kelly'' represents not only an implausible transformation but a considerable slight. If Gene were in a grave, he would have turned over in it.

When Gene was compared to the grace and agility of Jack Dempsey, Wayne Gretzky and Willie Mays, he was delighted. But to be linked with a clunker -- particularly one he would consider inept and demoralizing -- would have sent him reeling.

Graduated with a degree in economics from Pitt, Gene was not only a gifted dancer, director and choreographer, he was also a most civilized man. He spoke multiple languages; wrote poetry; studied history; understood the projections of Adam Smith and John Maynard Keynes. He did the Sunday Times crossword in ink. Exceedingly articulate, Gene often conveyed more through movement than others manage with words.

Sadly, President Bush fails to communicate meaningfully with either. For George Bush to become Gene Kelly would require impossible leaps in creativity, erudition and humility."

Patricia Ward Kelly
Los Angeles, March 16, 2008

carrying on the never ending election season- um- i mean lame duck year, our beloved buffoon goes from photo op to photo op apparently never really realizing how much he is absolutely disliked. ok- that was harsh- i meant hated. if he isn't getting the picture yet- this might clear things up for him (someone might want to tell him that getting booed is NOT a sign of endearment):

and if that's not adding insult to injury- his presidential library lost its web address to a cybersquatter. someone should really sit him down gently and have a chat. on second thought- don't. we'd be left with cheney. oh right...


The Future Was Yesterday said...

As for what he cares what people think of him - He's pretty well proved that beyond argument.

He's on a tour to "improve his legacy", and I honestly believe history will be rewritten to make him a Hero. After all, the MSM is owned by his comrades. And his successor isn't looking a hell of a lot better..(:

Anonymous said...

His library site was lost to a squatter!? That's great! I wonder how much the GOP is going to shell out to buy the rights back.

I had an opportunity to go to opening night at the Nat's new ballpark. But I turned it down. Wish I had gone now, if only to just boo him.

TomCat said...

For his library, let them dig a hole and bury all memory of him.