Wednesday, March 05, 2008

right wing strategies and tactics

thought i'd try one out- let me know what you think:

'vote hillary clinton and you too could have all this!!'

proof positive that not all women have that nurturing urge- and not all women are good simply by virtue of being a woman. gender has absolutely nothing to do with inherent intelligence and right wing women definitely have something wrong with them.

this goes along with my previous post- h/t to blue bloggin-

how many texas republicans crossed over to hillary?

clinton 'thanks rove'- rove says nice things about clinton and attacks obama- surreal?

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an average patriot said...

That is pretty screwed up. Nature was allowed to do what Politicians could not and that is get rid of the Public housing and most of the poor.
They are now rebuilding their new NO and only enough of the poor will be allowed back to service the affluent and the service Industry.