Tuesday, March 18, 2008

msm is why i cancelled my subscriptions

time magazine invents facts to claim americans support domestic spying

who in their right minds would want a government to know your movements ala gps and rfid; be allowed to detain you indefinitely without access to the charges pending or legal counsel, or who's allowed to read your mail, email, browser history, phone records- and listen to your phone calls?

wake up america. the fbi and cia does this all of the time. right here. in america. read 'the assault on reason' after you you get done worrying about the economy- or perhaps while- it might put things in perspective.

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an average patriot said...

You just can not trust anyone or anything anywore. They all have a hidden agenda. I won't get carried away.
I was just at Jack's "weaseldog" and I saw your comment. Very good! I hope he continues with what he started with his 2nd video. it will be much needed. I just hope we don't lose the internet!