Thursday, March 27, 2008

manhattan, new york, usa- free tibet?

when your country clubs buddhists peacefully walking down the street; tortures people and detains them indefinitely for no good reason; invades and occupies a sovereign nation for its resources; covertly surveilles citizens and non-citizens alike and stores that information in gigantic databases- would you say that you live in a free country? most folks in tibet can go to work and the grocery store and get married and have children and read the newspapers and watch tv- and we say that they aren't free. can someone explain to me the difference between tibet and america? i would say- both are owned by china.


shawn (aka blogstud) said...

it is a sad day for our country when something like this happens. It reminds me of the police brutality at the 1992 gop convention in houston. nobody seemed to care about it then. I hope more of us do this time.

try to have a good weekend, b. I see they are releasing a new version of guitar hero. sounds like hubby might be keeping you up late......=)

David G said...

Hey, Betmo, glad to see you're still plugging along. It's not easy.

Listen, Daniel has opened up Seeking Utopia again but more as a place of refuge from this crazy world. will find him.

As his alter ego, I'm still giving them hell on Dangerous Creation. Hope to hear from you soon.

You take care now!

an average patriot said...

What china is doing is sick. Of course they have a hidden agenda. Going after the Tibetan's is BS and just the excuse. I finally heard someone with the right take on Suzie- Q's yesterday.
China is trying to secure the regions water source, the Himalayas. Water wars around the world are just beginning.