Friday, March 28, 2008

long week

i have been reading more than writing this week- i haven't had much time. i have been with my family as my sister's cat has been sick- and it has been a trying time. a wee bit of background- and an update- he is on the mend. my sister doesn't drive- she never has- well, driver's ed doesn't count. the woman has horrible spatial abilities and well, she's better off on public transportation. trust me. anyhoo- she works full time- and has to get up at the butt crack of dawn to get to work- and since cat has been sick- she has been up in the night. her cat is a cherished family member of 20 years- so- being an elderly cat- his organs are starting to not work right. happens to be his kidneys at this time. so- he got put on special food which he eats like a pig i might add. the trouble was he was given an antibiotic and it knocked him off his feet- so the poor thing had bowel issues on top of his kidney issues. we finally have that straightened out- but it was traumatic for my sister because she had to face his mortality head on. he has been her life- and best friend for 20 years. on top of my mother's declining health- well, it has been a long 2 weeks. mom is fine right now- fyi. as good as can be expected in damp, chilly spring/winter type weather. and i am pooped.

so- with everything else going on in the world- and personally- i**am**pooped. we had a wintry mix last night and today- snow mixed with rain turned to ice. but i did look at companion vegetable gardening. any veggie combos known to any fellow gardeners out there- are welcomed. :)


Scarlet W. Blue said...

Poor catty! I wish him well.

fjb said...

I can sympathize, been dealing with my own declining kitty, Beavis (he's only 14 but has had F.U.S. since he was 2).
On the companion planting issue, I always plant basil in amongst my tomato plants. Not only do they taste great together, they grow great together, too!

Mary said...

Seems like everyone is nursing someone lately. I do wish you would get some REAL spring going on up there. It does help. I hope things will improve for the cat and your mother.
I too always plant basil (in abundance) w/my toms. And oregano w/beans. And marigolds by anything particulary susceptible to pests like toms and taters.