Tuesday, February 26, 2008

take heed!

Abortions Soar Where Religious Zeal Abounds

can the religious right get anything more wrong? they don't have one single issue that they are right about- but there they are- attempting to force their 7th century mindset on a 21st century secular world. wait..... isn't that what they say about islam?


an average patriot said...

They have everything wrong but you can see, that will not sway them. They have perverted Christianity.
True christians do not act like that, screw their neighbors wife, or kill those against them other than to defend yourself , not to start wars.

TomCat said...

Perhaps they'd do better to follow the example of the real Jesus, tolerance, compassion, and generosity, instead of the religious right invention, Supply-side Jesus, with his dogma of hate, greed control, and oppression.