Tuesday, February 26, 2008

plenty to blog about

but i got nothing to say today :) i posted over at sirens- as i do on tuesdays- and have answered a few emails and generally hunkered down as we are getting snow clobbered again. it has been regular snow intermixed with big, wet fluffy snowflakes alternating with sleet. so- it's been fun. haven't shoveled yet but hey- it's supposed to snow all day- so there's no hurry:)

ok- just a little say ;) the news is all over clinton's campaign 'faltering' i believe the word is. no one is really questioning why- but that's par for the course for the msm. i have a feeling that behind the story is- 'she's faltering because she's a woman.' if that is the case, i believe it is patently false. now, i am not saying that obama has run a 'lily white' campaign- there have been misleading statements and mailings and whatnot- but i don't think that the negativity has been on par with what the clinton camp has been engaged in- and i think even some of her admirers are taking a second look at her as a person and as a candidate. there is much to be admired in both candidates- and much to be looked closely at. the bottom line with most weary voters- they don't want the negativity. we, as a whole, have said that since at least 2006- and i think it shows how out of step the clinton campaign really is. she is running a 1990's campaign and obama a 21st century one. it is that shift that is going to make the difference in the nomination.

oh- and the superdelegates of course.


an average patriot said...

She is self destructing and her own worse enemy right now. I don't think it is becase she's a Woman but she is panicking and is verbally and emotionally all over the map. She's done! If Edwards came out for Obama it would be over. Tomorrows debate will be very interesting!

TomCat said...

I thing what we are seeing is the desperation of a campaign that squandered the inevitability most assumed she had. Gender has nothing to do with it.