Friday, February 15, 2008

open thread friday

this time of year is when blogswarms start up. maybe before the nice weather gives everyone an excuse to be away from technology for a while. anyhoo- if folks know of any up and coming blogswarms that they want to share- throw them in the comments section and i will spread them around. don't be shy- share!! :)

i feel an upper respiratory thing coming on. hubby not only shares his life with me- but apparently, his illnesses too- 'in sickness and in health' doncha know. :) so- i am going to make some tea and lie low but i will try to get caught up with the reading this weekend if possible.

something funky is going on with delicious- so i will try to update links this weekend too if ya'll are interested. i have an email into them about why my links disappeared to be replaced by a tag cloud. still accessible but not in my preferred format. i'll keep you looped. feel free to chat- i may be around. i hate being sick. i sneezed like 800 times. so i trucked myself to the local cvs-and purchased some claritan d. that is a process too. it is kept at the front counter because meth fiends were buying and stealing mass quantities. so- you troop to the counter with a place card and the clerk scans your driver's license and then you have to read and sign an agreement- and then you get to pay for your stuff. i hope i didn't sign and oath of allegiance to the empire or something. being a bit foggy headed-- and ill- i didn't read the fine print. so- i took one. now, god only knows what will happen because you aren't supposed to take more than ONE yes- ONE pill every 24 hours. if it makes the itching and wheezing and sneezing go away- i will be grateful. i hate that itchy throat and lungs feeling.

so- have a great weekend. i have to make an attempt at being social at an office soirée so that's where i will be. have fun.


David G said...

Hey, Betmo, hope you don't get a serious dose this time. Life is hard enough without that kind of misery.

That U.S. Southern Command thing was a bit worrying. Ah well, it's important to speak out I reckon.

Take care.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

have a great weekend. i have to make an attempt at being social at an office soirée so that's where i will be.
Oh Jesus! Do they know who they invited?:) I'm most happy when I attend said wastes of time, in your condition. I try my best to make sure I sneeze at least twice on every prick who I think is responsible for my having to be there.:) I don't do "work social" things well, and being married into the Ivory Tower.....(:

If I ever get into Heaven it's going to be because I haven't killed anybody at said functions yet!:)

betmo said...

i'll see you there- for the same reason. :) the only reason i am going is because my counterpart is going and she didn't want to be there without someone to talk to. :)