Thursday, February 14, 2008

gotta love dana perino

possibly the stupidest person on the face of the planet other than the chimperor himself.

"The ‘people’s House’ should reflect the priorities of the American people, not the fantasies of left-wing bloggers."

hmmmm.....funny. i thought americans were americans. perhaps dana should poll some of the american people.


landsker said...

Hello Betmo,
So the right-wingers are speaking out against
"the fantasies of left-wing bloggers."
Which include world peace, fairtrade and respect for all human life.
Whereas the fantasies of the right -wing have now been clearly shown.
They include murder and rape, the killing of innocent women and children, the use of chemical weapons and depleted uranium.
Imprisonment without trial, and targeted assasinations of political enemies.
The theft of resources from other nations, corruption, nepotism, and even a moronic belief in creationism.
For most folks, the "peoples house" seems to represent the the priorities of billionaires, and the profits of the arms traders.

an average patriot said...

Perino is as FF'd up and brain dead as her boss. They would be smart to give in to our fantasies to have a just and fair America and get rid of Bush's.
It's funny, after the walkout yesterday Bush threatened to delay his trip Besides knowing he is already on one I noticed this morning that he went.
I hope Congress and the senate are finally waking up and realizing that Bush and his followers are lying, using them, and will be our destruction unless they wake up, stop being complicit, and end this underhanded BS. I hate Perino and all the rest of those thugs!

an average patriot said...

Bingo Lansker!
Doesn't it kill you those scum get away espousing that as the way it should be and anything less is anti American? WTF?