Wednesday, February 20, 2008

hope versus neocons

there is a reason i don't make many forays into the conservative world. it's generally full of people who fear change and who can't debate real issues aside from the rhetoric- and so resort to name calling and smearing ala limbaugh and rove. now, in all fairness, these folks did not corner the market on stupidity- the left is full of that. but that is a topic for a whole other post.

it comes as no great surprise- and folks who read here with any regularity may know how much i dislike elizabeth hasslebeck- and yes- i misspelled her name because i think she is a hassle to watch. i can only imagine what her contract looks like for the view to continue to keep her around through at least 2 pregnancies- but like a good little conservative 'housewife' she keeps on procreating. she must be good at it i guess. i don't generally watch the show but mom had it on today because 2 of the 4 channels they get (no cable) were off the air. i won't speculate as to why- but there we were. long story short- politics of course was in their hot topic section- and it's truly embarrassing to watch the divine ms. h open her mouth. she made an attempt at shoring up mccain's weak attacks on obama- actually what i found out an hour later- her talking points mirrored limbaugh's almost verbatim. guess they both got their talking points memo this morning.

talking about soaring rhetoric short on substance was their theme against obama. well, barbara walters countered that with specifics from obama's speech and whoopi wanted specifics on how mccain would handle things. at that point, eh resorted to sarcasm and in limbaugh's show- he resorted to calling democrats 'stupid.' yeah. well, i guess when you have zero, zip, nada to show for 8 years of hell for the entire planet- and no new ideas to even attempt to fix things- relying on name calling and personal attacks is par for the course.

oh- and fyi- elizabeth- here's a rebuttal to your nonsense far more articulate and in depth than i could ever hope to be. and for limbaugh to quote nietzsche is dangerous. not only will his simpleton listeners not understand what the hell or who the hell he is talking about- but taking things out of context can come back to bite you in the ass.

and yes- i realize to the fullest extent the hypocrisy of blogging sarcastically and tongue-in-cheek about the right using their tactics- and embrace it. so there :)


an average patriot said...

Glad to hear you feel that way. She is absolutely right wing sickening isn't she? It sickens me the crap they spew and without blinking. I'll never understand lying and destroying the country!

enigma4ever said...

she kept saying that the War part of McCain was a lie- ??? He Said the 100 year war...It was very interesting that neither Babs nor Elizabeth would let Whoopi rude...and Babs was as rude as miss hasselback...( btw I did not even notice that wasn't her name...too funny)....

Whoopi never did get heard....( I just happened to go by it and was stunned...and rather sickened the way babs coddles Elizabeth....I stopped watching the show once Rosie was gone-I liked that Rosie gave it to miss hassle)

JollyRoger said...

Watching wingtards is unproductive, and a waste of time. All we have to do is find out what Oxy-Moron says today to know what every other wingtard will say tomorrow.