Wednesday, February 20, 2008

delicious wednesday

i obviously updated delicious :) i have a google reader full of stuff to read- so i will try to keep good links in there- again, i am trying to tag better so that info is easier to find. if you tool around in there and have some suggestions- feel free to let me know.

i am also going to be contributing to one million signs for peace- i put the banner on the sidebar. it's a neat idea- folks submit peace photos and then they are posted with some prose or poetry to spark discussion or raise awareness. this is a new project and there is going to be much work being done by the creators on the site itself- so come on over and check it out. there are a couple of ways to submit photos- and if you are interested in writing captions for the photos- let me know and i can pass it along. something nice anyway.

i posted a meme over at the peace tree. i love the picture- so if you have time- click the link to justZHM and give him some love for creating it. namaste.

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zoey said...

We at One Million Peace Signs are tickled to have betmo on board! We're delighted! We're thrilled! Sometimes, the I of we thinks, "PEACE" can get schmaltzy...sappy...and we have a feeling that betmo will help us keep an edge :) We're fine with Peace SOMETIMES being soft and cuddly, but we also want to give folks the edgy, sassy, in-your-face-cuz-thats-where-you-need-it kind of Peace...the kind that shouts, and challenges, and even ticks people off! Yu go girl!

PS I guess I gotta learn about tagging and all that...sigh...