Saturday, January 12, 2008

yeah- americans too

"But much of the enthusiasm comes from anticipation of President Bush's departure, according to several analysts. U.S. prestige and popularity in much of the world have sunk to historic lows since Bush took office, over such issues as the Iraq war and climate change. Many analysts said the election has created high expectations that the new president will be more in tune with the rest of the world." (emphasis mine)

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Brother Tim said...

And that's all they are, Betmo, high expectations.

Daniel said...

It could be argued that both parties in America differ only in name. And it could be argued that both parties are controlled by Big Business, the Church and the MSM. Given that the candidates are simply clones of the party that spawned them, it seems to me that nothing is going to be different regardless of who is elected!


shawn (aka blogstud) said...

While I agree that both parties have gotten too close to big business, as a labor union member and because I am gay, I see major differences between the two parties.

Compare the Democrats attitude toward organized labor vs. the GOP and compare the Democrats vs. the GOP on gay rights and gun laws.

Are the Dems perfect? no. Will I agree with everything the party or our candidate says and does? no. but important differences remain, and I do think there are more.

the rest of the world does want a better aMerican president. Some of my EU friends have already let me know that. Of course they wanted a better president last time.

so did I. sigh.

hope you had a great weekend, b!