Saturday, January 12, 2008

weeping jesus on the cross

america has sunk to new lows.

folks- it's ok for your kids to be told no. it's ok for them to suffer hurt and disappointment. it is not ok for you to insert yourselves into their lives inappropriately. what the hell do you think is going to happen when you teach them to lie and cheat to get their way? what do you think is going to happen when you teach them it's ok to bully and stalk people you don't like? protecting your children from harm is what parents are supposed to do. protecting them and shielding them from the ups and downs of life- is child abuse. you are taking these children and creating people who cannot cope in society and who then use violence and fantasy to navigate life.

here's an fyi- if you haven't grown up- you shouldn't be a parent. if you aren't willing to be a parent instead of a peer- you shouldn't have children.

parenting is tough. millions of people do it everyday and are marginally successful. i mean the amount of psychopaths we have is small compared to the sheeple at large- so someone is doing an adequate job. if you aren't up to the task- it isn't your right to take it on. just because you can procreate, doesn't mean you should have. if you have kids, step up. if you don't- give some careful thought about the world your kid will be inheriting. your kid might be the one on the receiving end of some of these "parents."


TomCat said...

The "getting my way justifies whatever i do" attitude. Sounds like a certain pResident.

fjb said...

"if you aren't willing to be a parent instead of a peer- you shouldn't have children."
How true! My son has told me he hates me only once when I stuck to my "NO!" guns (not bad, considering he's now 17). He gave up on that guilt trip when the only quiet response he got from me was: "I'm not particularly fond of you right at this moment, either."

Spadoman said...

Jesus is weeping, cross or not. The woman says she meant no disrespect. How can you not mean disrespect when you lie to win a prize.

The worse part of this in my eyes is that the fucking Today show puts the bitch on TV. her 15 minutes of fame I'm sure. But there is a war going on. The Today show tells this sad story of material gain sought by this woman, but doesn't report on those that actually die in the war. Boycott the show, boycott the sponsors, boycott Libby Lu, a corporation that makes 6 year olds look like whores.

Wow, did I say that? Oh well, caught in the act of being myself.

Peace to All.

Dizzy Dezzi said...

I saw that news piece a couple of weeks ago and all I could do is shake my head.

Completely disrespectful, to soldiers who died, families who have lost loved ones and disrespectful to her daughter (teaching her that lying is the only way to win...and not a "little white lie", but a bold ass lie for sympathy). Unf*&%ingbelievable.

That seems to be the number one rule I spend preaching to my kids: Lying is NOT OK...period. And they're still little...they lie about who pushed who or who ate the last cookie...and it drives me crazy. I can't imagine doing what this mother did and in the name of your child and in the "name" of a ficticious dead soldier.

Add that insult to the mother who set up that MySpace page that led tricked a teenager and later led to her suicide...

There are definitely people out there who should reconsider parenthood.


an average patriot said...

The girls are ranting today! we have a lot of problems today but in America it all boils down to a general lack of principles and morallity. It's funny, I just got off the phone with one of my sons who is preparing to go back to Iraq.
He is one hell of a leader and a man. Like his 3 brothers he is my best friend. I taught them all to be independent, in control, and to lead by example as I did witI them. You can and should be your childs best friend.
You do not sacrifice morals and principles you pass them on. I have to laugh, I grew up by the fist and everything else but I never hit my sons. I never had a single problem either.
I was a hands on parent but not in the respect you would think I guess. I was the alpha leader and wanted to be the one to teach them how to be men and they learned well.
I hear of all the problems with raising kids today and I blame it on the parents because most do not have the right tools to do it. They seem to have to be told how to do it. I don't get it!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

How sad that a parent would teach their kids that winning is more important than the truth.

I don't think I am up to the task of raising kids. I know how hard it is and I admire good parents who do a good job.

I agree with Tomcat. I don't think Bush was ever told no.

Brother Tim said...

As bad as the mother's lieing scheme was, it pales in comparison to the lies that have led to 4,000 American deaths and over 1 million Iraqi deaths. The mother and daughter were punished, yet our leaders' lies get swept under the rug.

I want justice for everyone, equally.