Wednesday, January 23, 2008

this well has run dry

until such time as pelosi, reid and the rest of the corrupt idiots currently buttf---ing bush and the rethugs- start doing what we elected them to do- or get voted out- the democrats will not be getting any funding from me. as a matter of fact, any solicitations for donations i receive from this time on- will be returned with the following written on it. i have not gotten what i paid for- and i am not throwing good money after bad. people only use you for as long as you let them- and i gave these people a year. so- take a look over at they have a thing going on over there too. i didn't sign the petition because i won't be part of the democrats' committees and whatnot- until we get some real leadership- but some of you all might want to. i have a donor request ready to go into the mail tomorrow. maybe if enough of us keep hammering the point home- they'll get it. at the very least, they'll get it after november.


an average patriot said...

I hsve to hand it to you. I gave up on them a long time ago. Watching Reid while bush was talking his financial crap really sickened me. They are complicit in what is being done to us and the world and should be berated, chastised, and ultimately booted out!

Larry said...

I stopped giving to this worthless organization a few years ago when they helped Clinton push NAFTA through, thus beginning the decline of America.

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

excellent idea, b. I have not gotten any requests lately but I am sure they will come. well hillary sends me emails but I stopped sending her money because when I emailed her staff I was told she was too busy to respond unless I was from new york. I can understand that, but then she ain't getting any cash either.

even if we don't send money we do need to vote for change in november. the dems are not perfect but we MUST start to reverse the damage bush has done to the courts. that alone is worth our votes in november in my humble opinion. hope you are well.