Thursday, January 24, 2008

benefit of doubt

i think it might be me. i have said that a lot- but maybe it really is. i haven't yet figured out why folks are still giving bushco the benefit of the doubt- and the dumbocrats too. you have to understand that these folks did not take public service, leadership jobs in order to serve the electorate. oh- they campaigned and we voted- but they maneuvered and machinated and manipulated their way with money and other nefarious dealings- to get themselves positioned. not every person elected to office does that- but these folks did. they don't care. they don't. what they wanted to do- they have done. they have consolidated power and money to the top tier of the world- and the rest of us are twisting in the wind. we are the ones who care about the folks devastated by hurricanes and fires and drought. we are the ones who care about folks made homeless because they have lost their homes and jobs. unfortunately, we are not the ones in charge.

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