Thursday, January 10, 2008

thank you

to rosa brooks (and a h/t to prof marcus):

"Even the dimmest media bulbs have noticed that there's something a little different about this year's crop of Democratic presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton, who won the New Hampshire primary, appears to have an extra X chromosome. Meanwhile, Barack Obama, who won the Iowa caucuses, has been blessed with some extra melanin in his skin, which also makes him stand out from the usual crowd of middle-aged, white-guy candidate-clones.

The media just can't stop gushing and clucking and gasping about it all. Oh, my gosh, Hillary Clinton is female! Barack Obama is, uh, black! Will American voters accept a female candidate? A black candidate? Are voters more sexist or more racist? What's a bigger problem in America today, sexism or racism?



dawn said...

It's a very interesting question. I think racism is a bigger problem. Woman have had it hard but have gain ground. I think the country is more racist

Larry said...

Panderism is a bigger problem than those previously mentioned.

This is something that spans the political spectrum.