Monday, January 28, 2008

please take a peek

at actblue- the congressional elections in this year's lineup are critical. more than ever we have to be vigilant with candidates and voting- as much as we can- and jet over at bring it on! brought my attention to actblue. she is stumping for alan grayson in florida's 8th district. as we have seen most recently with dennis k. dropping out of the presidential 'race'- and fighting for his life in his home state- it is crucial we don't throw good money after bad with the democratic party. not that i think dennis k is bad money- but i don't contribute to the DNC anymore- not since 2007- pelosi and reid and several others have not earned it. anyhoo- check out who's running in your area and give your money to them. don't rely on info fed to you by the media. it's that same media who denied us our 'real' debates.


John Good said...

Please drop by and donate to Barry Welsh (IN-06) if you are able to:

Barry Welsh

Barry is engaged in a rematch against Mike "Iraq is just like a summer market in Indiana" Pence!

Disclaimer: I am Barry's official campaign blogger. =)

John Good said...

Sorry - Here's the updated link:

Barry Welsh

Renegade Eye said...

Too bad we don't have a labor party in the US.

If Dennis would have threatened to leave the Democratic Party, he'd be included in debates.

Larry said...

I'm convinced any party will be corrupt because they will let corporate money into the frey.