Monday, January 28, 2008

apparently, we don't care enough

it's all very well and good to have summits and concerts and folks feel very proud of themselves when they remember to put a water bottle in the recycle bin. even staring down the proof of the poles melting and the weirdest, hottest weather on record does not inspire folks to push for environmental protections. perhaps we, as a species, have grown tired of living? how many of us 'little people' reduce, reuse or recycle? and it is going to get worse as the developing worlds want to emulate our opulence.

provided we still have a planet to use up by then.

big business says addressing climate change rates "very low on the agenda"

h/t to dusty


Miss Welby said...

hello Betmo, just to say that in Europe we watch with great attention what happens in the American blogosphere in this year of presidential election.

that's why I've given you a link in my blogroll among those I reckon are the 50 finest American bloggers - visit me and see if you want to reciprocate the link.

ciao and best wishes!

an average patriot said...

Growing up with a stepfather that to put it mildly would have made Hitler proud and more often than not going to bed without eating I had the starving people of Biafra invoked daiy and as a kid learned to waste not want not.
I am the happiest of the happy and the frugalist of the frugal. Put others first including society. Do what is right whether it is in your favor or not. The majority of the country do not share the principles nor do they in the world and there in lies the problem!

shawn (aka blogstud) said...

hey b,

it is way too low on our list and one reason is bush. he has provided no leadership and fought almost all of the rest of the industrialized world on this. if he does not care then why should big business?

they should because we all DO have to live here.

my mom got me started on recycling as a child. there were one or two centers in all of austin and you had to drive the stuff yourself. no curbside pick up. I am a big believer in recycling.

thanks for highlighting it.

betmo said...

miss welby- welcome and thank you so much- that is sweet. i am blushing :) i will certainly check out your place and tool around. thanks for reading my humble words. sometimes i wonder if they make any difference. at the end of the day- i guess i just want someone in the world to know that not all of america has been on board with the catastrophe of the bushco cabal.