Friday, January 11, 2008

please don't forget- from wexler

First, a huge thank you to those of you that have already contributed to our new Cheney Impeachment outreach effort. We have already significantly ramped up our advertising online and are working hard to drive home awareness of this critical movement. If you have already given, or can't, you can still play an essential role by keeping after the mainstream media and your representative in Congress - demanding that they take heed of this effort.

Over the last weeks, I have pulled money and staff from my re-election campaign to help bolster the visibility of our push for hearings. In a perfect world, we would not have to do this ourselves, and instead the mainstream media would play its proper role. Believe me, I would much rather be reporting to you the progress of the hearings, or working on our cross examination of Karl Rove.

Unfortunately, we're not there yet. Many of you have emailed expressing frustration at this reality. I share your feelings and your anger.

That said, positive developments have arisen in recent days. Just this week, the ACLU of Florida, George McGovern, and Ralph Nader have endorsed impeachment.

I still need your help and now I want to expand this effort even further.

I am in the process of a major Internet advertising buy on Google that will guarantee that this week every person that looks up "Dick Cheney" and other related keywords sees an advertisement for our petition. With your help we can own "Cheney" on the web.

In addition, we've already begun to publish blog ads, such as you see to the right, throughout the web to galvanize Americans in support of our cause. (You may have to right mouse click and select "Download Pictures" to see the ad).

It is time to reach beyond those that are regular readers of the political blogs, and expand the number of people mobilized to help push for impeachment hearings. The truth is that the number of Americans who support our efforts is immense and we need to do everything possible to reach out to them and maximize our strength.

I cannot do this without your support, so click here if you'd like to contribute to our work.

Our new push - which I realize is only an extension of the early work of so many of you - is gaining support. I hope you realize that it's not just another petition, but something being driven from within Congress.

In fact, when Congress reconvenes next week, I will deliver the hundreds of thousands of names we have collected to my colleagues on the Judiciary Committee and I will do everything I can do to convince them to support immediate impeachment hearings

We must now redouble our efforts to ensure that Vice President Cheney and the Bush Administration are held accountable.

Click here if you'd like to help sponsor this effort.

In order to continue funding this effort we need your help. Please consider making a financial contribution to help us expand our advertising advocating impeachment hearings for Vice President Dick Cheney. Your help will go a long way toward stopping the out-of-control Bush Administration.

Click here if you are willing to contribute today.

Thanks for your help and keep up the fight!

Congressman Robert Wexler

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